Co-Sponsorship Workshop

Socal ACA Intergroup first ever workshop!

ACA Afternoon of Recovery - June 25, 2017

Taking Action and Overcoming Fear of Sponsorship


This workshop has passed (June 25, 2017) and this is its archive.

Earlier this year January, 2017 Ed C. came up the idea for this workshop. He was concerned that that there were not enough ACA Sponsors (male or female) to go around.

It was also Ed's idea that by having a panel and then having everyone go through an accelerated version of the 12 Steps would motivate the attendees to become sponsors themselves.

Before the workshop we announced the workshop at our meetings, put up a web-page about it, and handed out flyers about it. You can see what was done here.

20 people attended to the workshop.

Room Setup & Materials:

1. We rented out a room at the Share Center for the workshop.
2. We arranged the room so there was a podium at the front.
3. Next to the podium was a table, with two chairs, for the panelists.
4. about 40 chairs arranged in rows in front of the podium.
5. A copy of the 12 Steps in 12 Minutes Handout Worksheet is placed on every chair.
6. A pen is also placed on every chair.
7. A desk and chair was setup at the front of the room to collect the $5.00 honorarium and to sell discounted BRB and Yellow Workbooks.

Workshop Format:

I. Ed C. kicks off the workshop and welcomes everyone.
II. Then there is 4 Minutes of meditation.
III. Ed. C. gives his past history of struggling with recovery and realizing that he needs a sponsor, but then the fellow traveler concept is the way to go.
IV. Panelists (Libby H. and Liz F. ) share their experience, strength, and hope in regards to joining the ACA Program, personal struggles, and issues with sponsorship.
V. Ed C. then opens up the workshop to Q and A.
VI. After the Q and A, Ed C. then walks the attendees thorough the 12 Steps in 12 Minutes.
VII. End of Workshop.


The 12 Steps in 12 Minutes Leadership Guide is located here.

The 12 Steps in 12 Minutes Handout Worksheet is located here.


It is our hope that by documenting the workshop, as thoroughly as possible, others within the ACA Community will be able to use what we created to teach this workshop at their location.

Bios and contact information for Ed C., Libby H., and Liz F. is at the bottom of this page for any questions you may have about the workshop or sponsorship.

Workshop Presenter and Panelist Bios:

      Ed C. - Workshop Leader

Ed C. is a member of the ACA SoCal Intergroup
and of a local Los Angeles meeting. He is
originally from the Mid West, but is enjoying
the size and strength of the recovery
community in the LA area.

Ed C. came up with the idea of this workshop
and just ran with it. He also modified the
concept of the 12 Steps in 12 Minutes after
learning about it at the 2017 ACA World
Convention in San Diego.


    Libby H. - Workshop Panelist

Libby calls Los Angeles her home.
Libby has been involved with ACA
since the 1990s.  She is currently
the Los Angeles ACA Intergroup Chair.

She has had many years of experience
sponsoring newcomers to the program.


  Liz F. - Workshop Panelist

Liz F. grew up in the Pacific
Northwest and joined ACA there.
She found ACA in the late 1980s
and has been involved in all
aspects of the program ever

Liz has been a sponsor to many
since she joined ACA.