Free Big Red Book For Your Therapist!

big red book
Wait, what?! Yes! If you are currently seeing a therapist/counselor they can get a copy of the Big Red Book (BRB) for free!

This program is brought to you by ACA's WSO.

Below is the original information and link from ACA's WSO Website.


In an effort to carry the message around the world, we are working to provide literature to those who work with adult children professionally. If there is anyone you know who is a professional who works with adult children or a facility that helps adult children, we are supplying free literature worldwide. If your therapist/social worker etc., could benefit, please let us know. Any professional who works with adult children can email for this. Any facility; a library, a university, a mental health clinic, etc., can email to get this free ACA literature. Thank you for your good words and for helping to carry the message.

ACA's WSO original link:

PS: Yes! We have confirmed that this program is active and it does work!