Camp Pictures

Below are pictures of the camp and what the amenities look like. The cabins are comfortable, but cold during the nights. It is recommended that you dress and sleep warmly. Each cabin has separate bunk rooms for women and men.

All cabin bathrooms are modern; with toilet, sink, private shower, and electrical outlets.

The cabin bunks do not come with pillows, blankets or sheets. You need to provide your own or bring a sleeping bag. Check out our packing list for the camp.

Camp Entrance Sign off of Jenks Lake Road

Main Entrance from car park

Front entrance of Homet Lodge

Inside Homet Lodge

Homet Lodge Inside

Inside Homet Lodge

Outside of Cabin 1

Outside of Cabin 6

Craigs Cabin Common Area

Craigs Cabin Bathroom

Craigs Cabin Bunks

Typical Cabin Bunks

Camp Serving Line in Homet Lodge

What a typical meal looks like