How to add our website to your phone

Below are instructions on how to add the website to your Android / iPhone.

Note: Read the instructions first, then click on the active link of the website to add it!

How to add the Socal ACA Website to your Android Phone

1. Launch the Chrome Web Browser for Android.

2. Go to

3. Tap the Menu Button (top right of screen - 3 Vertical Dots).

4. In the Menu Drop Down select Add to Home-screen.

5. You will be able to enter a name for your new shortcut.

6. Chrome will then add it to your home screen!

How to add the Socal ACA Website to your Apple iPhone

1. Launch the Safari Web Browser on you Apple Device.

2. Go to

3. Tap the Share Button on the browser’s toolbar
(the box with an arrow pointing upward).

4.Tap the Add to Home Screen Icon in the Share Menu
(the box with a plus symbol in the middle).