Why Go To A Meeting?


It Can:

  • Keep you from slipping back into denial of your problems.
  • Give you a sense of normalcy. 
  • You can practice NOT fixing. 
  • Be an opportunity to make new friends. 
  • Give you perspective and keep you from self-pity. 
  • Give you a chance to share things which, if told (to a non-member), would not be understood. 
  • Validate your emotions and experience. 
  • Give you a genuine sense of support, perhaps for the first time in your life. 
  • Give you a real sense of belonging. Here you are not different. 
  • Provide an opportunity to be of real service to others. 
  • Give you an outline for a workable philosophy in life in the 12 steps. 
  • Supply an environment where you can find out who you are and give you an opportunity to practice being that person. 
  • Provide a source of unconditional love and acceptance. 
  • Allow you the freedom to express your true feelings in a non-judgmental atmosphere, with out fear of criticism. 
  • Teach you to break behavior patterns that don’t work by replacing them with new ones. 
  • Allow you to experience real honesty of feeling in yourself and in others. 
  • Give you practice in making a commitment and keeping it. 
  • Change your image of yourself and raise your self-esteem. 
  • End your feelings of isolation. 
  • Help you detach from painful situations by showing your new attitudes. 
  • Change your life.