Starting a New Meeting


All it takes to start a meeting is a time, a place, and a few people willing to commit to the meeting for the first 6 months. The reason for a few people is that healthy service is shared. The best way to start a meeting with a real sense of community is to have a group for group conscience and commitment from the beginning. It is wise to choose a time that is convenient to a large number of people. Possible meeting places include:

A church, synagogue, temple, etc.
A public library's room
A city, county or other public service/community room
A beach, park, pavilion, etc.
A hospital, treatment center or mental health facility
A 12 step clubhouse
A school
An office
Any other facility with space and willingness

Get a Meeting Starter Packet get it from here.

Then register your meeting via the ACA WSO Website. By registering your meeting you insure you are connected with ACA as a whole. That way you become aware of ACA Groups in your vicinity, seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences and conventions...all of which are opportunities to learn. Your meeting will also be included in the list of meetings available on the national and state website.