What is Intergroup?

What is it, and why should we support it?

To appreciate what Intergroup is, it sometimes helps to start with what Intergroup is not. Intergroup is not an authority figure. We are not here to tell you what to do, what to think, how to run your meetings, or what to do with your meetings’ funds. Intergroup is an ACA World Service Organization (WSO) sanctioned assembly of unpaid local Southern California Meeting Volunteers, devoting their time to help ensure ACA thrives in Southern California.

By members, for members. Ideally every Southern California ACA meeting will have an active Intergroup Representative (IR) that attends the monthly Intergroup meetings, and participates. Your Intergroup is funded thru donations by individuals and meetings from around Southern California. Intergroup, in turn, services the various meetings and community through the following:

  • Serve as a comprehensive news and information source for ACAer’s in Southern California
  • Carry the message to those who still suffer
  • Support new meetings and meeting development
  • Work with Fall Mountain Retreat (FMR)
  • Fund and maintain this website: www.socalaca.org
  • Help bring in speakers from around Southern California
  • Develop and distribute materials that help ACAer’s spread the word
  • Represent Southern California to the ACA World Services Organization (WSO) and help shape policy
  • Pursue other events that benefit ACA and recovery around Southern California
  • Coordinate and distribute the meeting list
  • Network and exchange ideas with other Intergroups for ideas and the betterment of the program
  • Circulate news between meetings
  • Remind meetings of their expired or defaulted WSO meeting listings
  • Provide resources to meetings
  • Help unify meetings in Southern California
  • Help people find meetings
  • Donate books and literature to libraries, hospitals and correctional facilities
  • Ensure ACA is represented in Southern California recovery publications
  • Help other Intergroups, and participate in communication between Intergroups
    and much more…..

Does your meeting participate or support Intergroup in any form? In addition for the need for attendance, these important tasks have costs, and can function much more effectively with your help. Your help can take the form of communication, participation, and or support. As the ACA program experiences its resurgence, it is more important than ever that your group participates, and we provide a unified front in our effort to grow the program in Southern California.

For more information on Intergroups and how they function, see the World Service website at http://www.meetings.adultchildren.org/intergroup-listing as well as the ACA Big Red Book, Page 603.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours in service,
SoCal ACA Intergroup