ACA Afternoon of Recovery

The very first Los Angeles Inter-group Sponsored Event!

Event Focus:
ACA unlike a lot of other 12 steps groups utilizes the fellow traveler and co-sponsorship method to work through the steps. To help members realize that the power is within themselves to work the steps. By showing up and having the will to work the steps and help another fellow traveler is all that is needed to work the steps.


Event Time:
4PM – NEW, one time only – Workshop on Sponsorship, room requested for this space.
This event is sandwiched between the 2PM – ACA – Anger Release Meeting & 6PM – ACA – Moving Towards a Solution meeting, with focused reading on sponsorship.


Location of Event:
Felicity Room


Target Audience:
ACA members who are interested or in need of a sponsor.
ACA members who wish to work the steps.


Workshop will have the focus on the following:
ACA Sponsorship Pamphlet
ACA Sponsorship section in the Big Red Book
Introduce the co-sponsorship network and form
Have the attendees work all 12 steps in 12 to 20 minutes.


Workshop Itinerary:
4:00 – 4:10 (Welcome, prayer, and meditation)
4:10 – 4:35 (Speakers sharing their experience about sponsorship in regards to the pamphlet or BRB)
4:35 – 5:00 (Introduction to the Co-Sponsorship Network)
5:00 – 5:30 (12 Steps in 12 Minutes)
5:45 – 5:50 (closing prayer and wrap up, to set up for next meeting)


Below are pdfs of the event! Please print out and bring to your meeting!