Ideas For Keeping a Healthy Meeting


These suggestions are the experience strength and hope of ACA members on the topic of “what keeps a group healthy and growing?”

1. Keep It Simple!

2. Fill all service positions and rotate service positions regularly.

3. Hold regular group conscience meetings.

4. Announce all vacant group positions at each meeting.

5. Participate with building relations with group members.

6. Share phone numbers – have a group phone list available.

7. Call other members between meetings.

8. Ask for help from other group members – “apprentice” newcomers into service.

9. Identify as “group members” when asked to share – “this is my home group”.

10. Keep a record of group decisions.

11. Offer sponsorship / co-sponsorship to newcomers.

12. Arrange to attend other ACA meetings as a group.

13. Pass on knowledge of the Traditions.

14. Read Community minutes before the serenity prayer.

15. Send a Group Rep to community meetings.

16. Invite ACA members with attractive recovery form other groups to share for an allotted time.

17. Have a group member collect patients from treatment centers.

18. Keep a stock of ACA approved literature in sight and for sale.

19. Only use or quote ACA literature.

20. Have a group conscience meeting specifically for group inventory.

21. Have celebration meetings for Birthdays or Anniversaries.

22. Do fun things as a group regularly– eg go out for dinner, a bush-walk, coffee after the meeting.

23. Contact national and world service bodies for suggestions of how to attract new members.

24. Advertise your meeting locally from national Public Info guidelines and input.

25. Support ACA functions ie.. workshops, conventions etc.

26. Start a Step Study Group.

Further suggestions for groups that have grown to 10 to 15 regular members:

1. Consider starting another weekly meeting in an area close by.
2. Organize a workshop on a particular topic – advertise nationally.