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Welcome to our retreat!

This September, 2019 will be our 31st year at Fall Mountain Retreat (FMR) at Camp de Benneville Pines It will be a rewarding experience for all! Click here to see pictures of the camp For 2018 we had 98 people come to our retreat from all around California and some from Arizona & Nevada. Our retreat is a balance of focused meetings, workshops, free spirited fun, fellowship, and recovery. Fall Mountain Retreat at Camp de Benneville Pines is located high up in the San Bernardino Mountains at 6,800 feet. The camp is located near Big Bear Lake and is surrounded by other summer and holiday camping grounds.

The night skies at camp are quite dark. No street lights on the mountain! Those of us from the city can marvel at the countless stars visible from the mountaintop.

In September when it’s 90 degrees in San Bernardino, it’s typically about 70 to 80 degrees on the mountain during the day. Late night temperatures are usually a comfortable 49 degrees.

The all inclusive cost of this 3 day event is only [Early, Early Registration, $165.00, must be postmarked by August 1, 2019 / Early Registration, $175.00 - Must be Postmarked by September 1, 2019 / After September 1, 2019 - $185.00 Do Not Mail. Note: Registration fee is non-refundable after August 20, 2019. ] Do not mail registration fee after September, 10th. Take a minute and think about what a bargain this is. Wouldn’t it cost you at least $80.00 a day to stay at home and cook 6 of your our own meals?

Let someone else do the cooking for a change, while you work your program at your own pace, in this serene environment.

Space is limited, so register early! Feel free to print a flyer for your home group here.

Cost: The cost is [$165.00, must be postmarked by August 1, 2019] for 3 days of events, speakers, meals and lodging! All inclusive! It could be the best [$165.00, must be postmarked by August 1, 2019] you’ll ever spend. If you can afford a small donation to help someone with limited funds attend, you’ll find that option on the payment registration page. (payment registration page being discussed)

What To Expect: Lots of fun, new friends, plenty of food, fellowship, with a blend of ACA recovery meetings, speakers, workshops and great people who are also pursuing recovery and self improvement. There’s a fireplace in Homet Lodge, music, hiking, trails, fishing, guided meditation, a meadow for games or sun bathing, plenty of shade, sports, kite flying, and anything else that sets your spirit free.

2018 FMR Events:

Check out 2018's (last years) events for an example of what we have to offer! Every year we have a specific theme related to recovery.

For 2018, the theme was Celebrating 30 Years of Recovery.

Most of our speakers are themselves ACA’ers, or in one program or another. Many will be announced with anonymity. Additionally, ACA and the Retreat does not endorse any speaker, form of therapy or business. We provide a forum for our speakers and you decide what you relate to or not.

  • Newbie Basics - Susan B.
  • Getting to Know You Games - Homet Lodge
  • Play - Time & S'mores - Lars G.
  • The Web! An Interactive Workshop. 30 Years of Talking, Trusting, Feeling - Denise E.
  • Grumpy / Grateful (Workshop) - Denise E.
  • Spirtuality (Workshop / Panel Discussion) - Bill W., Jannelle T. & Jill G.
  • Inner Child Connection - A Journey of Curiosity & Discovery (Workshop) - Scotty M.
  • Feeling & Releasing Anger (Workshop) - Barbara F., Denise E, Nancy, Jill & Esau
  • ACA Meeting, With A Focus On Those Who Take Care Of The Dying - Madeline M.
  • The Roles We Take On & The Drama Triangle - Steve T. & Ellen T.
  • Swimming Pool Open!
  • Archery Range Open!
  • Talent-No-Talent Show!
  • The Rockin Jelly Roll F.M.R. Dance
  • Crafts, Warm Fuzzies, Decorate Name Badges, Games, Coloring - Homet Lodge
  • The Caffeine Drip Nite - Owl Meeting - Coffee House

And Much More.....!

Here is a link to more detail about each workshop above.

Activities: Meetings, workshops, meditation, hiking, fishing, exploring and any group type games you can bring. If you need some solitude, you can find that too. Explore the nearby flora and fauna.

Saturday Night Dance: Don't go to bed without this fun event! We have the dance at Homet Lodge. Come on down to get down! Then get back up again!

Free time: We provide you with opportunity, but you manage your schedule. When you need a break, try some of the activities listed below or just go make something happen. Make time for yourself, and try to find time to take one of the hikes so you can experience the views, wildlife, fresh air and mountain beauty.

The Facilities: We have 1 large main lodge (Homet) and 7 cabins. Each cabin has separate bunk rooms for women and men. The individual bunks do not come with sheets, blankets or pillows! Please bring your own sleeping bag or sheets, blankets, and pillow for your bunk! Check out this link for the amenities for each cabin. All cabin bathrooms are modern; with toilet, sink, private shower, and electrical outlets.

Food: This includes dinner on Friday Night, 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. All meals are served at Homet Lodge. The food is good, and you won’t leave the table hungry. If you have a very restrictive diet, please make arrangements for your food as the cafeteria cannot cater to special needs. They do have some alternatives for vegetarians, but not vegans. There is one dorm style small refrigerator in the Homet Lodge to store small packages of food. For those who need a full size refrigerator use the one in Cabin 6, with your food labeled with your name.

Restrictions: We do offer a full refund one month prior to the start of the retreat. You must be 18 years or older, and actively working any 12-Step Program, to attend this retreat. This is traditionally a non-smoking camp, but we do have some designated smoking areas. No pets, No alcohol, guns, weapons, or fireworks are allowed on camp property.

Details: The camp will be open at 4:00PM for arrivals on Friday. You cannot come earlier! Also, you cannot register or go to your room until after you have checked in and received your cabin/room assignment. Dinner on Friday night is usually at 6:30 PM. We usually have our first/welcome meeting at 5:00 PM. (The kitchen closes one hour after dinner is served - 7:30 PM).

The price of the retreat includes 3 days and 2 nights on the mountain and 6 balanced meals. (Dinner Friday Night, 3 Meals on Saturday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday). Meals are served family style that include an entree, a vegetable serving, and a salad bar. Vegetarian meals are also available.

Registration is from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Friday night. If you know you will be arriving after 10:00 PM or anytime Saturday morning, please call by 10:00 PM @ (562-367-4325) so we can save your room, give you directions to your room and collect your liability form. If you have paid and find out that you cannot attend please call (562-367-4325) so we may accommodate other campers.

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Please come to our retreat!

You can accelerate your recovery or re-start it with our retreat!

We have been doing this for over 30 years!