Read about what others have to say about their experience at the ACA Camp de Benneville Pines Retreat:

I have attended the Fall Mountain Retreat every year since 1999. What an amazing place to participate in recovery! Meetings, workshops, arts and crafts, & the surrounding mountains, tall pine trees, starry night sky and absolute quiet are so gorgeous and calming. The FMR is an important must in my recovery with my fellow travelers. -- A Very Happy Camper

In 2014, I was ten months into my recovery. I was attending meetings on a regular basis and coming to terms regarding being part of the ACA Community. I did not want to admit I was an Adult Child. I did not want to tell people, who I did not know and seemed kinda strange to me, about my feelings! They can all go to h-e-double hockey sticks! But at the same time I felt I have come home. Finally, I had a label for my condition.

At my home meeting, I saw on our literature table a bunch of blurred and slightly off set flyers for a retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains. I was gung-ho about the program, but no so much regarding everything else. Happy to be here, but afraid of the people, location, and all things they wanted me to do! I picked up a flyer, went home and attempted to research, online, this retreat that purports to have been running 20 plus years.

In short, I found nothing. This filled me with trepidation. But, when I reached out to my sponsor about it he said I should go. I then paid my monies and said h-e-double hockey sticks or high water I will be going. So, with my limited knowledge about the place I planned my packing and route there.

At the time, my car's power-steering was going out, the A/C did not work, and it seemed to want to pull to the left.

On the day I left, I left late, hit traffic in Los Angeles and in San Bernardino. By the time I got to the base of the mountain the sun was quickly falling behind the hills and it was getting dark fast. I was really triggering now. I did not know where I was, I was out in the middle of nowhere, and it was getting difficult to see. Great way to kick off a retreat...

At about 9:00PM I was at the top of the mountain and speeding past Angelus Oaks on the way to the camp. Unbeknownst to me, the GPS App on my phone would soon let me down. By the time I got onto the road to the camp it was pitch black all around me. My GPS told me that the camp entrance was 1.5 Miles ahead. When I got to the turn, the turn onto the camp road, all my car's headlights revealed to me was a bunch of pine trees.

This lead me to series of small misadventures that finally got me to camp much later that evening. Then, it got really exciting...

Looking back on this weekend it was the very best thing I needed to kickoff my recovery. I didn't want this type of kick to the pants, but my higher power and my sponsor understood just what I needed. The camp was the how.

Since my first experience with Camp de Benneville Pines I have made it a point to go back each year. If you want to kick start your recovery or feel that you have plateaued, or you want to try something new then this place is for you.

I have met people who have never, ever missed this retreat. They have been coming here for at least 15 plus years. This tells me a lot about them, their dedication to their own recovery, and the retreat itself.

I hope you dear reader, have figured out that I am the one who worked with Orange County Intergroup to get this Fall Mountain Retreat information section setup. I did this so people who are interested, but fearful of trying something new, can ally their concerns and fears about this wonderful retreat. Please come and join us. -- Happy Camper, 85